Journal Article Review Instructions You will conduct 4

Journal Article Review InstructionsYou will conduct 4reviews during this course. Your Journal Article Reviews must involvecritiquing and reviewing selected articles on specific topics. Each review mustbe 1–2 double-spaced pages and follow current APA format. You must choose anarticle from 1 of theprofessional journals ofspecial education listed below.Notethe articles must be recent (within the last 5 years), andthearticle topic for each review must be relevant to a topic in theassigned module/weekâ€s chapter readings.Therefore, the topics for eachjournal article review are as follows:
Journal Article Review #1 – Individualized Education ProgramJournal Article Review #2 –Learning DisabilitiesJournal Article Review #3 –ADHD or Emotional Behavior DisordersJournal ArticleReview #4 – Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or Communication Disorders
When composing your reviews, practice using graduate professionalwriting. Do not begin with“This article is about…” Instead, open the review with a strongthesis statement and summarize the author’s main points in the first paragraph.Using third person, state your personal reaction to the article in the final paragraph (“This authoragrees/disagrees…†or “one can see that…”).
Journal Titles
AdaptedPhysical Activity Quarterly
Journal of Emotional and BehavioralDisorders
AdolescentHealth, Medicine & Therapeutics
Journal of Clinical Psychology
AmericanAnnals of the Deaf
Journal of Developmental and PhysicalDisabilities
AmericanJournal of Occupational Therapy
Journal of Learning Disabilities
AmericanJournal of Speech-Language Pathology
Journal of Intellectual DisabilityResearch
Annals ofGeneral Psychiatry
Journal of Learning Disabilities
Augmentative& Alternative Communication
Journal of Mental Health Research inIntellectual Disabilities
Journal of Physical Education,Recreation & Dance
Beyond Behavior
Journal of Speech, Language, and HearingResearch
Child andAdolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health
Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child& Adolescent Psychiatry
Journal of Visual Impairment &Blindness
Clearing House
Journal of Special Education
DevelopmentalDisabilities Research Reviews
Language and Speech
Assessment for Effective Intervention
Language, Speech & Hearing Servicesin Schools
Education andTraining in Mental
Learning Disability Practice
Music Educators Journal
Education andTraining in Autisim and Developmental Disabilities
Education& Treatment of Children
EducationalPsychology in Practice
Pediatric Nursing
EducationalSciences: Theory & Practice
EuropeanJournal of Pediatrics
Physical & Occupational Therapy inPediatrics
Physical Therapy
PLoS Biology
Focus onExceptional Children
Preventing School Failure
Gifted ChildQuarterly
Reading Teacher
Interventionin School & Clinic
Remedial and Special Education
Issues inComprehensive Pediatric Nursing
Research in Developmental Disabilities
Journal ofApplied Research in Intellectual Disabilities
School Psychology Review
Journal ofAutism & Developmental Disorders
School Psychology Quarterly
Journal ofChild & Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing
Support for Learning
Journal ofChild & Family Studies
Teaching Exceptional Children
Journal ofChild Psychology & Psychiatry
The New England Journal of Medicine
Journal for the Education of Gifted
The Psychological Record