Journal Unit 6

Journal Unit 6


(150 wrds)

The two Congressional Acts: IDEA and ADA mandated that children requiring special education requirements be provided a free, appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment available. These acts also bring with them an ethical responsibility for the teacher. What are your ethical responsibilities for the including children with special needs? How do these laws and your ethical responsibility as a teacher impact the way you include all children in play in the classroom?


(300 wrds)

This Seminar explores ways children with special needs can be included in the classroom. Please be prepared to discuss the following:


  1. What are some techniques you can use to help children with special needs interact with other children?
  2. How can you enhance the play of a child with special needs?
  3. What are some adaptations that you can make to the environment to make learning more effective for children with special needs?