Nursing theory week 2 discussion

As a registered nurse or APRN, no doubt the issue of managing patient pain is one you have dealt with repeatedly. In identifying successful approaches to addressing and alleviating pain, you may have looked to theories of pain management to inform your practice.The work you begin this week will guide and prompt you in the further application of theory to nursing practice. You will start with an overview of middle range theories, which in the world of nursing theory refers to theories that relate to particular phenomena, such as pain. Your study of nursing theory will be made more meaningful as you identify a practice issue of special interest to you and investigate nursing theories that apply to it.  As you continue to develop your philosophy of nursing practice, consider middle range nursing theories that may be defining for you. Expanding your familiarity with theories that inform the many dimensions of nursing will support your leadership as a DNP. LEARNING OBJECTIVESStudents will:Analyze issues in nursing practiceEvaluate middle range nursing theories in relation to nursing practiceAnalyze middle range nursing theories in relation to philosophies of nursing practice