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Problem solving: In the beginning of my first semester at the University of Technology Sydney, I had a subject called General microbiology. This subject required to attend to the lab weekly. We did many complex experiments in the lab regarding the gram staining and culturing bacteria. Hence, I had an elaborate experiment that needs a high problem-solving skill which I did not have this skill. Because of that my grade went slightly down. Thus, I was so sad that day because my aim of this subject was getting HD. After the exam, I went home and watched some videos on YouTube to improve my problem-solving skill for my future. Even though I scored very well in my exam and everything went in my way, I was failing the solving-based questions, which decreased the chances for me to score overall of Credit. So, I realised my weak point and worked out on improving it. I was not good at this skill which I had many complex experiments, and my future job is a microbiologist. Thus, it would not be easy to distinguish a complex problem or experiment as I do not have this skill. In this point, specifically in my first year the second semester, I started my plan and set some steps to give some solution as this problem could be solved. So, I asked for help from my coordinator, watched some videos, and took some courses. With those solutions, my problem-solving skill has developed in %75 which is an excellent thing for me. As a microbiologist, this skill will help me in my career job to be the ideal employee. I did not stop in this step; I am planning to focus on my skills that I need it in my future. After I finish my bachelor’s degree, I will take extended courses (6 – 10 months) to develop my skills especially problem-solving to make it one of my primary skills. This skill will help my resume and make it distinguished for finding a job. I would be a microbiologist but before that, I will work in some hospitals and do an internship, so I do not want my weak skill to obstruct me to achieve my goal. Once this skill I have it, it will give me many opportunities such as helping me to solve a complex problem and helping me to find out many solutions for my daily problems.
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