Proposal /Annotated Bib. In your proposal, just tell me the

Proposal /Annotated Bib. 
In your proposal, just tell me the topic and provide an annotated bibliography (citation and a few words about the article) of no less than 5 references you will use in your paper.
I have reviewed your research proposals and made comments. If you did not submit a proposal or I did not approve your topic, you must resubmit (submit) by Friday. If you don’t get past this first step, I will not accept any of your drafts nor the final paper. Read over the final paper assignment info if you haven’t already.  Anyway, a couple of things I noticed —   Be sure that you tie your topic to marketing.
It may be that consumer demand is harming the environment, or consumer demand in sustainable business t is having to establish policy to protect consumers…or protect the environment from consumers.  Use the library. I want to see academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. Newspapers are fine, organizational websites are good but they are not objective, but I really want to see real, published, academic research.  Your references should be current. Try to use sources no more than 10 years old unless the source is extremely relevant.  Unless I asked you to resubmit, or you never submitted your proposal in the first place, you are good to move on to your first draft!