Question 1 All of the following criteria can be used in

Question 1
All of the following criteria can be used in ethical reasoning except
Question 2
The basic ____ view holds that an action is judged as right, good, or wrong on the basis of its consequences
Question 3
Utilitarianism is a useful principle for conducting a stakeholder analysis, since it forces decision makers to
Question 4
All of the following are problems with utilitarianism except
Question 5
Which of the following is a limitation of principle of rights?
Question 6
Affirmative action programs are examples of which type of justice?
Question 7
Laying off employees without fair notice or compensation represents which of the following?
Question 8
When communicating, negotiating, or working with a pragmatist, one should
Question 9
Which of the following is considered the top company in the list of Top 10 Companies and Best Corporate Board Practices?
Question 10
The ____ ethic focuses on the importance of relationships among businesses, customers, and stakeholders
Question 11
Studies have shown that a combination of all of the following except ____ prevent illegal action
Question 12
Everyone’s access to relevant information needed in order to conduct business is a trait of which kind of market?
Question 13
Which of the following federal agencies are appointed to prohibit unfair industry activities?
Question 14
Which of the following requires full disclosure of credit terms?
Question 15
Which of the following provides a conservation program for plants and animals?
Question 16
The right to have access to basic essential goods and services is considered which of the following?
Question 17
A company that supports a consumer’s free choice is fulfilling which of the following?
Question 18
Which of the following agencies enforces consumer civil rights?
Question 19
____ control regulates what consumers can and should hear and see
Question 20
According to the free market theory’s view, “let the buyer beware” principle, consumers and corporations are protected and regulated by Adam Smith’s
Question 21
Only 355 punitive damages verdicts were handed down by the state and federal courts over the past 25 years One-fourth of those awards involved a single product, which was
Question 22
All of the following factors have caused and contributed to environmental pollution except
Question 23
Which of these is the manager mindset in the firefighter stage of environmental corporate commitment?
Question 24
Critics of alcohol ads argue that ____ continue to be targeted as primary customers
Question 25
Which of the following stakeholders are considered the most important for a business?