Schoolhouse Lane Estates

Schoolhouse Lane Estates

I need to prepare an executive summary report for the assigned case. The 

executive summary should be written in a formal, business tone (use the third person, 

business/strategic terms, etc.). The report should be approximately four pages long (plus 

cover page), double-spaced, 12 point font, and should contain the following sections:


1. Introductory Paragraph – An overview of the problems and issues facing the 


2. A paragraph (or section) should be written for each problem or issue. The report 

should explain the problem or issue in detail and then provide a specific strategic 

recommendation to address the problem or issue. Note: each paragraph (or section) 

should have a descriptive, bold heading and the recommendation should also be 

clearly identified with a bold heading.

3. Concluding Paragraph— this paragraph should summarize the specific strategic 

recommendations and the expected results of implementing these recommendations.

The executive summary should be turned in both in hard copy and through E-mail. The 

PowerPoint presentation should also be E-mailed to the instructor.


here is the example of the repoet anylisis: