Sport issue

Sport issue

1. You are required to research, investigate, and analyze a sport sociology or sport ethic topic of your choice. You have the freedom to choose this topic. The only limitation is that the issue has to be connected to a case, episode, issue, or incident that has occurred within the last 5 years. So we want a recent topic.


2. Once you have conducted your research you are to write a 3-4 page position paper answering the following:

Present the who, what, when, where in the opening paragraph of the paper. Do not spend pages restated every aspect of the case. Be short and concise with your analysis.

You are required to spend the majority of this paper answering the why of this particular case/issue.

You are to connect this case/issue with a sport sociology or sport ethics theory to assist in your explanation of why this occurred.

I want you to take all that you have learned this semester and consolidate it into this paper to demonstrate your understanding of how to analyze sport situations from a sport sociology/ethics perspective.  


3.  You must present 3 reasons to support your stance. Make sure you do a thorough job discussing each of your reasons.


4. This paper must have a minimum of 3 resources in addition to your class text. These references need to be cited in the paper and listed at the end of the paper.


5. Your paper must follow MLA format.