The first part you have to write and 250-550 words off of

The first part you have to write and 250-550 words off of the Larry Lesson Plans that I have attached it is the last attachment. The 2nd part you have to create a lesson plan I attached the templet for it its the 2nd attachment. You have to choose something from Arizona  K-12 academic standard here is the link for the website  you can pick any subject you like as long as it is not the same one from the example. I attached the example for the assignment it is the first attachment. Let me know if you can do it or not asap, please.
Part 1: Lesson Plan Analysis
Review the “COE Lesson Plan Example” located in Topic Materials. On the “Aligning Standards and Learning Objectives” template, write 250-500 words, responding to the following prompts, as they relate to the lesson plan: What is the learning objective? Are the standard and objective aligned? How do you know? Provide a rationale. What is the lesson about? What does this lesson cover? Do the assessments effectively measure the academic standard and learning objective? Justify your response.
Part 2: Unwrapping the Standards
Below your analysis, complete the template by selecting a grade level K-8 and an Arizona K-12 academic standard (different from the one provided in Part 1). Write three objectives aligned to the standard selected following the Know, Understand, and Do guidelines. For each objective, write a rationale supporting how the standard and objective are properly aligned. Write a summary of a lesson that could teach the objectives created.