The objective of this assignment is to build students’

AN ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY (1000 WORD) IN CLASS PRESENTATION The presentation must be at maximum 10 minutes in length for the two (2) presenters (each speaker speaks for 4-5 minutes).Task description: The objective of this assignment is to build students’ abilities to structurearguments based on evidence and structured reasoning, including identify consensusmethods for identifying coherent group arguments.TASK TOPIC: “SMART PHONES DO MORE HARM THAN GOODS”You will then need to identify what would be a good response from both sides. That is, you need to simulate what would be good arguments that the affirmative and the negative teams are likely to provide based on extensive research using a minimum of 6 peer- reviewed journal articles as references. You will need to organize your arguments into an argumentative essay. Then you will need to put on a presentation/debate/show in class illustrating the entire arguments featuring both sides. Students are to be assigned into groups of two (2) people, one argues the affirmative and the other, negative side. Each speaker is expected to speak 4-5 minutes. Your overall marks for the presentation are calculated based upon both the group work and your individual work. You will receive a group grade for the introduction, conclusion, visual aids of the presentation and the references. All other parts of the presentation will be individually marked, including the arguments and oral presentation. Do not simply cut and paste each persons’ contribution. The group needs to make sure that all the parts fit cohesively together and read as one document.