Topic: Introduce a new Constitutional Amendment.Present your

Topic: Introduce a new Constitutional Amendment.Present your case for a new Constitutional Amendment that either: adds something, subtractssomething, or clarifies something.Needs to focus on RIGHTS, not law.Tell me if you think your proposed Amendment would be passed by the requisite number of states.Explain:Why this is needed in the constitution, ie. its justification.What is wrong in society/government that calls for this addition to the founding document.Why it doesn’t need to be just a law.How it will fix the problem you present in your justification.Its not worth doing unless it accomplishes what you set out to do. So tell me how it’ll fix the problem.If the states would ratify or not.
What I asked for.Defined the Amendment.“Repeal the Electoral College from the 12th Amendment of the United StatesConstitution”Explained why.Bridged concepts together with grammar and sentence structure.Had research backing logic and reason to explain all points.