Write,in essay format,on two articles in Monstersthat we

Write,in essay format,on two articles in Monstersthat we have not read in class. Include for each article or book chapter or excerpt: 1st. Title, author, date, and magazine, journal, or book the article or chapter originallyappeared in. 2nd. What is the audience for this magazine or journal? Think about audience beyond simply stating, “people who like monster stories.†3rd. What is the authorâ€s project in this article, book chapter or excerpt? 4th. What is the context(s) of the authorâ€s seeing? In other words, what caused this author to write this piece? • Historic context? • Social context? • Authorâ€s personal context? • How do you know? 5th. Refer to and apply Harris†Rewriting to both essays you have chosen from Monsters. In other words, what moves does this author make? • What are the primary moves the author makes to get you to see as he or she sees? • Use short examples from the text. • Cite page numbers of your examples in both Harris†Rewriting and Monsters. Feel free to make notes in the margins of your textbooks because they (the textbooks and your notes in the margins) will be all you will have to go by during the test. You will use Blue Books in which you will write your final exam essay. Blue Books will not be provided.