You are required to write an essay that discusses and

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) focus for aging for 2015- 2030 is ’healthy ageing”. Healthy ageing con-centrates on developing systems and processes that enable health and wellbeing as people age. To support healthy ageing the WHO recommends:– Changing peoples’ perceptions about older people– Creating enrolments that are accessible and welcoming to older people– Organising and coordinating heath systems for older people– Establishing systems for long term support for older people.(World Health Organisation, 2015)As part of this, governments have attempted to structure aged services to make them more accessible, coordinated and organisedYou are required to write an essay that discusses and analyses the way aged care services are structures to support healthy ageing. Your paper should include:– an explanation of the healthy ageing model– a discussion and analysis of how aged care services are provided that support healthy ageing– an explanation of how aged care services have evolved and changed to meet the needs of older people.There is a word limit of 2500 words.